Selected Startups Have Been Announced!

October 15, 2021

Where is retail headed? Will all stores be smart stores? What even is BOPIS? What will revolutionize retail technology? Nothing is for sure, (okay, maybe it’s a little sure with BOPIS) but rest assured, we are working hard to generate the leading players of retail. So gather round as the 11 candidate startups who will change the retailtech game have been selected among 208 applicants, from 46 different countries for MediaMarkt Startup Challenge! Since 2018, Europe’s biggest electronics retailer MediaMarkt has been supporting startups in every way including the opportunity to pilot and even use their products.

MediaMarkt Startup Challenge Infographic
MediaMarkt Startup Challenge 2021 Infographics

To this day, a total of 525 startups have applied to be a part of the challenge. Among them, 85 were in pipeline and 43 were selected to participate. The MediaMarkt Startup Challenge aims to touch every part of retail, focusing on Retail Sales Tech, After-Sales Tech, and Corporate Digitalization Processes. After a vigorous jury day, we’re excited to announce the new batch of startups who are en route to changing the future of retail as we know it!  

MediaMarkt Startup Challenge Past Years
MediaMarkt Startup Challenge 2018-21 Infographics


Co-Founder: Raviteja Dodda, Yashwanth Kumar

Category: Retail Sales Technologies

Country: Germany

MoEngage is an intelligent customer engagement platform for the customer-obsessed marketer. They help you delight your customers and retain them for longer. With MoEngage you can analyze customer behavior and engage them with personalized communication across the web, mobile, and email. MoEngage is a full-stack solution consisting of powerful customer analytics, AI-powered customer journey orchestration, and personalization - in one dashboard.


Co-Founder: Nilhan Gür and Banu Turgut Ahıska

Category: Retail Sales Technologies

Country: Turkey

Qumpara is a mobile app that rewards shoppers by snapping a photo of their receipt. That's how they activate promotion and loyalty offers to shoppers, build one on one relationships in a personalized manner, and leverage technology in order to solve the data and communication gap between the consumers' brands and shoppers.

Levitate Stage Innovations

Co-Founder: Çoruh Durmuş, Batuhan Öksüz

Category: Retail Sales Technologies

Country: Turkey

Software-enabled hardware system that enables physical animations possible for visual merchandisers without coding. It is an automated puppet master which is controlled over the internet.


Co-Founder: Raz Peter and Oz Etzioni

Category: Retail Sales Technologies

Country: Israel

Clinch is an AI-powered Creative Personalization platform that delivers consumer-tailored ad experiences across all channels, to drive online and in-store performance and sales. Clinch provides brands and agencies with an omni-channel creative solution that leverages data to automate, personalize and optimize display and video ad experiences at scale, across programmatic, social media, in-app, native, and OTT / CTV

Streamslive (Oveit) 

Co-Founder: Andrei Stefan and Mike Dragan

Category: Retail Sales Technologies

Country: Romania

Livestream shopping for both online and offline environments, assisted by AI. 


Co-Founder: Kürşad Arman, Jonathan Lurie and Cağdaş Akar

Category: Retail Sales Technologies

Country: USA - Delaware

VenueX offers an omni-channel platform that helps brick-and-mortars attract online shoppers by bringing their local inventory and POI data across multiple online channels in real-time.


Co-Founder: Tuba Yılmaz Gözbaşı and Ozan Gözbaşı

Category: After-Sales Technology

Country: Turkey

Optiyol is a B2B Software solution that helps retailers and carriers with end-to-end optimization of logistics; from planning with advanced algorithms to execution with a driver app. Optiyol reduces fuel costs by 15-20%, fleet size by 5-10%, and improves on-time performance by 30%.

Co-Founder: Murat Ayrancı, Emre Çekiç and O. Gazi Hafif

Category: Retail Sales Technology

Country: Turkey

Speedy Market is an autonomous online grocery concept built specifically for the building you live in and delivered by robots. Speedy Market's advantage starts right after the order is placed. After your order is received, your products are loaded from vending machines to Speedy robots that give their name to Speedy Market without human touch, and Speedy brings the products to your door quickly, safely, and autonomously.


Co-Founder: Aayush Jain, Yashvardhan Srivastava and Aditya Joshi

Category: Retail Sales Technology

Country: India

Greendeck helps retailers and brands optimize their pricing and monitor their competitors, using artificial intelligence.

Qudini Ltd

Co-Founder: Fraser Hardy and Imogen Wethered

Category: Retail Sales Technology

Country: United Kingdom

Qudini is a global B2B SaaS company that offers market-pioneering Retail Choreography solutions. They are the first software suite to enable retailers to triumph by optimizing their experience, operations, and data.


Co-Founder: Yehiel Atias and Jonathan Clark

Category: Retail Sales Technology

Country: Israel

Hexa uses its proprietary technology platform and 3D database to convert retailers’ and brands’ existing images and product information into immersive content (3D/AR/VR) at half the cost and twice the speed.

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