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Uçurtma is a platform that aims to help students find the financial support they need to make their dreams come true. It provides a decentralized guarantee of getting support by bringing students and supporters together.
TUBU is building Ethereum/Quorum tech for the public/private chain community and leading enterprises.
Tangany is a German provider for custody of digital assets and crypto. Tangany offers a reliable solution for crypto wallets and infrastructure to the most popular blockchain. Including custody for Bitcoin and custody for Ethereum.
Snapper Future Tech is a global blockchain development company offering blockchain solutions development and training services and creating versatile tracing and authentication products and platforms powered by blockchain.
Providing easy-to-use crypto assets with a decentralized marketplace and zero-fee wallet. We are working to popularize the concept of digital money in our country, to increase the use of crypto money, develop decentralized systems, and prevent monopolization.
Intexcoin (INTX) is a blockchain-based trading project, they are launching sustainable solutions to reduce inequality, hunger, and poverty in the world.
iCommunity provides blockchain capabilities to any business process in a matter of a few hours with its API platform solution. iCommunity solves real problems and adds value to their clients, with the aim of being at the forefront of innovation.
Alien Broker is a Fund Management System specific to cryptocurrency users. You can copy the transactions of experienced traders with a single click and operate your crypto money 24/7 automatically.
e-Signus facilitates the integration of the decentralized economy into business environments, delivering recognized and truly secure user experiences that enable mass adoption.




March 17, 2021

Blockchain Startup Challenge Day

Join us to meet with most promising Blockchain startups all around the world.

Join us to meet with most promising Blockchain startups all around the world.