Hackquarters Market Access Session

September 26, 2023
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Get ready for the upcoming Market Access Session, offering essential insights for startups looking to break into the Finland and Singapore markets. Esteemed embassy representatives will share their expertise across diverse startup categories, shedding light on effective market entry strategies. As part of the event, we're excited to host a fireside chat that delves into key strategies for incorporating and commercializing your venture in the USA. The event agenda is packed with engaging panel discussions, interactive Q&A sessions, and plenty of networking opportunities.

Designed with a focus on startups that have already gained momentum and earned a spot this event is tailored to elevate your startup's market access prowess.

The event is open for everyone, so mark your calendars for the offline event scheduled for September 26, from 14:00 to 18:00 (Istanbul Time), hosted at the Facebook İstasyon Maslak Conference Hall. Please note that the event will be conducted in Turkish.

The Market Access Session aims to empower startups with the knowledge and resources essential for a triumphant entry into the Finland and Singapore markets. By uniting embassy representatives hailing from these nations, this event strives to furnish startups with invaluable perspectives across diverse business categories, aiding them in deftly navigating the intricate web of regulations and cultural nuances unique to each market.

Through dynamic panel discussions, enlightening Q&A sessions, and prime networking prospects, participants will forge meaningful connections with embassy representatives from a myriad of countries. Ultimately, the overarching objective of this event is to arm startups with the indispensable tools and strategies needed to adeptly access these markets, propelling their businesses toward robust growth.


Hackquarters Market Access Session



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