Ece Omur

Ece Omur

Business development manager
Enterprise Singapore

Ece Omur works for Enterprise Singapore, where she empowers Singaporean companies to thrive by enhancing their capabilities, fostering innovation, and facilitating international expansion across Turkey, Eastern Europe, and Central Asia.

She previously worked at Netherlands Innovatıon Network, the Turkish Entrepreneurship Foundation(TEF), World Resources Institute (WRI Turkey), and Turkish Cultural Foundation-AFS Turkey (TKV). She is a well-connected innovation enthusiast and a partnership expert with specific experience in business development, business modeling and planning, program design, strategy design and implementation, alliance management,  community management, corporate social responsibility, and non-profit management.

She holds a BA in Urban and City Planning and a Master’s Degree in Social Impact Projects and NGO Management. She has a personal ambition for social impact, innovation, and entrepreneurship. 

Skills and Interests

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