PASHA Meetup: Bridging Innovations

June 15, 2023
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Fostering Ecosystem Synergy with PASHA Holding / UK & AZ

We cordially invite esteemed business professionals, innovative startup founders, and insightful venture capitalists to an exclusive gathering at the prestigious Level 39. This event is an opportunity to delve into the dynamic interplay of technology, corporate innovations, entrepreneurial ventures, and investments.

PASHA Holding is proud to host this event which will feature engaging dialogues and a dedicated networking sessions. We aim to collectively explore the continuously evolving landscapes of business and innovation ecosystems in the UK, Azerbaijan, and beyond.

Join us for this enlightening experience and be a part of the global conversation that shapes the future of innovation and investment.

Please register if you are interested in attending this event. We have a limited capacity and if you are selected you will receive an invitation confirmation.

Event is organised by PASHA Holding in partnership with Hackquarters & Mayfair & Lion Partners


PASHA Meetup: Bridging Innovations



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