Legaltech Online Startup Challenge

December 21, 2020

It’s already tradition for Hackquarters, that December, despite whether it's totally online or not, is the busiest month of the year. Last week Hackquarters hosted 2 great events to show off the best startups pitching at 2 different stages. Following Hackzone Demo Day powered by Allianz, on 17 December after the intense month of applications 2nd Online Legaltech Startup Challenge was presented by Esin Attorney Partnership and Baker McKenzie. 10 cool startups were selected out of 168 applications from 47 countries.

Legaltech Online Startup Challenge started with the welcoming speech of Kaan Akın, Hackquarters CEO; Eren Kurşun, Esin Attorney Partnership Partner; and Yonatan Pinto Esin Attorney Partnership BD and Communications Director. Speakers referred to reflections of latest innovations in the legal area as well as expressed gratitude to legal innovators and program partners.

2020 LegalTech Startup Challenge was full of surprisingly outstanding guest speakers such as Ben Allgrove and Amir Haramaty. Amir’s visionary and wise insights on both personal and professional life were impressively notable. “While working on data, there are two ways appearing to follow: nice to dos and must dos. You must first work on must dos: find the pain and follow the pain. We tackle the cognitive bottleneck and bias inherent in human thinking, augment data with a multitude of external data sources, and enable adaptive AI systems.” 

Last year winner @Techsign participated in 3-day program at Reinvent Law in Germany; and again this year Daniel von Devivere, Reinvent Law Managing Director shared philosophy and function of Reinvent Law in legal innovation starting with the challenges the legal landscape is facing. What Reinvent Law aims to achieve is automatizing and standardizing the three pillars of legal firms: People, Process and Technology. In this context, he emphasized the components of The Legal Innovation Hub powered by Reinvent Law: Law Firms, Corporate Legal Departments, Universities and LegalTech Ventures. 

Last session of the online Challenge covered the Legal Innovation issues moderated by İlay Yılmaz, Esin Attorney Partnership Partner; and joined by Günce Çakır, ING Bank Head of Legal; and Benjamin Helldén-Hegelund, Spotify Senior Legal Counsel. Panelists talked about how legal innovation is reflected in the companies. İlay Yılmaz described how Baker McKenzie benefits from technological advancements and attorneys are trained to use them routinely for their work. Günce Çakır told about ING’s digital vision as a bank and what steps they have taken to increase the level of digitalization such as their internally developed two platforms to digitize the legal processes of their clients. Spotify’s Benjamin offered us the vision about the approach of Spotify to legal processes. They integrated their expansionary culture with legal understanding while they extended their business into different countries where jurisdiction practices differed extensively.

Here are the 10 high status startups pitched.

Advopass: As a SaaS solution, Advopass is a time-tracking based performance analysis & client reporting tool that is focused on individual lawyers and small-medium size law offices. click here

Avalance Global Solutions: Avalance is a cybersecurity company that protects you before, during and after a breach. click here

Bugbounter: Bugbounter is a blockchain based open security platform that networks the crowd of freelance security researchers and security organizations with corporations and institutions. click here

COPYTRACK: COPYTRACK is #1 in image protection for creative & brands. They find image use globally and post license or enforce rights. click here

Cynopsis Solutions: Cynopsis Solutions is a leading RegTech provider offering a secure, cost-effective e-KYC/AML/CTF solution that automates client on-boarding and ongoing due diligence processes. click here

EasySend: EasySend's no-code platform transforms paperwork-based processes in insurance, banking, and financial services into engaging digital journeys that your customers will love, and will increase your operational efficiency, all in a matter of days. click here

Efilli: Efilli is a consent management tool that enables companies of all scales to collect cookies and other data in compliance with GDPR, CPPA, KVKK and other data regulations. click here

HUGO.Legal: is the first sharing economy based legal platform using AI to match people with the best lawyer for their case. click here

Lawtechgroup: Lawtechgroup offers AI Litigation Funding. They are data driven Legaltech predictive analytics leaders. click here

Quant LegalTech: Quant LegalTech is a legal technology company with a singular vision to build innovative, user-friendly legal tech solutions for corporate governance, risk and compliance. click here

Winners of the challenge

2nd Prize went to EasySend from Israel, Shlomo Amir
1st Prize went to HUGO.Legal from Estonia, Artur Fjodorov

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