Marinella Andaloro

Marinella Andaloro

BTE Innovation Lab

Cosmopolitan lived in ten countries all around Europe, Africa, USA, Asia and Middle East.

Global Networker, Investment Advisor, Counseling and business mentor for International startups and Corporates. Acting as a bridge among Europe, MiddleEast and FarEast.

Born in Italy, I studied and experienced worldwide.

I studied Political Science @University of Palermo as well I studied @Universiteit Gent, @ILI in Egypt, so I had internships in Tunisia as Business Agent for Arabic market, I worked @ Italian Trade Agency-Beijing, in Egypt, and I had a diplomatic experience @ONU-NewYork.

At the same time of these studies&experiences in international business, social&political science fields, I began my experiences and studies in international career, finance and business administration. Following this, I furthered and strengthened my knowledge by making experience on field.

I'm broadening my network of international relations in order to make them into a system designed to support SMEs wishing to go global in a sustainable way.

Furthermore, I am constantly studying with the goal to offer services ever more innovative, sustainable and competitive in a global world more and more avant-garde.

During my studies and experiences abroad, I was lucky to experience several cultures worldwide; thanks to this, I was able to improve my business, economic, diplomatic and financial skills, as well Tech, marketing and multicultural skills.

Meanwhile, I worked in different roles as project manager, business analyst and investment adviser, and most recently as a Director responsible for international relations, and recently I set up two boutique family offices (UAE, Hong Kong).

Outside of that, I enjoy designing my dresses, traveling and gastronomy. I am curious, open minded and hard working person.

I can adapt quickly to new locations. I am highly skilled in developing new business relations facing always-new challenges.

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